White and Black Squares, 2008. Pewter, wood, chalk, wire. 2×12.5×12.5 cm

Untitled, 2007. Root, paper, metal plug, 21x12x12 cm

Untitled, 2005. Shell, branch, wood. 14x21x13.5 cm

Composition 2 , 2007. Plastic, glass, wire, nails, wax, plastic. 10.5x17x12.5 cm

Homage to Noguchi, 2008. Stones. 6.5x9x5.5 cm

Equilibrium, 2004. Branch, wire, shells, stone. 17x16x6 cm

Untitled, 2010. Wire, pressure valves, cement. 7.5×16.5×16.5 cm

Pendulum, 2006. Iron, wire, car part, string, level. 22x13x13 cm

Composition 1, 2007. Brick, pepper, cork, spin, cufflink, wire, hook, plastic, fan filter. 19x25x12 cm

The table is served, 2006. Stone, shell, plow. 7x16x4.5 cm

Untitled, 2004. Branch, shell, petal, stone. 14×5.5×5.5 cm

Untitled, 2007. Iron, string, lead.7 x3.5×3.5 cm

Green Bird, 2007. Iron, wood, tooth brush. 18x12x8 cm